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Colosseum, a bar but also a fairy tale

To start your day in the right way, stop to enjoy a coffee or cappuccino, a simple croissant or Nutella at the Colosseum bar.

You will discover with great surprise that ours is a place for everyone, Romans and tourists, with a very large coffee machine and above all a pop music background.

Cappuccino is not bad for waking up well in the early morning, especially if accompanied by a croissant full of Nutella!

You can also choose to stop for a quick lunch during your work break or even better, you can come and visit us for a relaxing gourmet dinner.

If, however, you are a person who loves the night, a fun after-dinner with wines, beers and cocktails is what you will find at the Colosseum.

A bar that seems perfect for resting or having fun near the Colosseum and off the classic tourist routes (but not very far!).